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Looking for something specific

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So I had a really neat idea for a drawing today and would like to find a photo for reference (since I'm much more comfortable drawing from a photo) I was hoping some of you could help.
I'm looking for a close-up face shot of a horse. The face at an angle (looking diagonally across the picture) preferably. The type of drawing I'd like to do would go from the top of the forelock area to about halfway down the front of the face. That way there'd be a nice focus on the eyes and the forelock.
Kinda vague details I know-but I'm going for a close-up portrait of the horse.
If anyone has anything that they'd be willing to let me use I'd be more than appreciative!
Thanks in advance~
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If any of these work, feel free.


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Thank you thank you thank you :D
The second one is exactly what I'm lookin for.
If you don't mind the horse having a bridle on, this one might work!

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You could try this:

Mammal Vertebrate Horse Sorrel Mane

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