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Looking for women to feature in a national magazine

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Hello there! I hope this doesn't violate the rules of the forum.

I'm a freelance writer and I'm working on a feature story for Prevention magazine. I'm looking for some real weight loss stories to tell about women who have lost 10, 20, 50, and even 100+ pounds. Ideally, she is over 40 (that's the demographic of the magazine) and up to age 70, she has at least one good Before pic, and she's willing to be part of a photo shoot. The difference between this and a lot of the other weight loss stories out there is that I have some room to actually TELL the story--we're going to choose only 3-4 women, so there is a lot of space to explain the whole journey to success and give personal tips.

I thought someone who lost weight through riding, or used horses as part of her journey, would be cool and unique....

For the logistics of the photo shoot, women on the East Coast would be ideal, but it's not a requirement--especially if it's an amazing and unique story.If you're interested, let me know at evspence <at> gmail <dot> com. I can fill you in on more detail.
Thank you!