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Loosing Interest....HELP

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Ok so I am starting to get bored with riding. I don't understand how someone can think of stuff to do for a hour. My horse is in the training part not the get on and ride and have fun part, but I run out of things to work on with her but yet I want to get a good ride in. I don't want to loose hope but what would help make riding fun again. Right know Lady is'nt really training in anything so maybe a certain discipline would make her happier.
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Always try to have a goal or purpose for your "training" sessions. It can be as simple as working on flexing or improving your horse's peformance trotting over logs. There has to be something you would like to either learn or improve upon. How are your transitions? Is your horse flexible and does she give to the bit? How is her collection? You can even split up your riding time by working on different things during your hour of riding. For example, warm her up for 10 - 15 minutes, work on improving her flexibility for 15 minutes, add some interesting patterns and maybe some logs to keep her mind thinking and increase your control for another 15 minutes, then finish with the flexing again (if that is what you wanted to accomplish). Planning out your riding sessions in advance will help keep you and your horse interested and progressing.
Don't focus so much on 'training' - Training doesn't have to be something you set out to do - It can come from just doing. I didn't know jack about training when I got my little Arab years ago - I just went out and did the things I wanted to do, and the training just happened itself.

Get out and ride some trails, do some fun things! Even if your horse is still learning, doesn'tmean it has to be boring, all schooling, or all in the ring! I actually do none of my training in the ring :]
Training is definitely something you want to be taking seriously, and it can be a ton of fun.
Outside of your rides, keep a "training binder" for your horse - write down your goals, no matter how little or insignificant they may seem. Write down goals for the week, the month, the year, the next five years. Then sit back and be realistic about where you and your horse are now. Write down you and your horse's strengths and your weaknesses. Cut out training articles in magazines that you can work on, or print out exercises you find online. Learn an intro or training level dressage test and work on it. Teach your horse tricks like bowing on the days you don't ride - and make sure you have just "fun rides" too! Hit the trails, pop over some jumps, whatever.
If your horse is ready to go to some shows this year, start planning out your year, or think about going and schooling at a show to gain experience. Find a riding buddy. Go to a clinic. Switch disciplines. Whatever!
I wanted to add my two cents because I feel exactly the same way. Especially in the spring and summer when I can ride every day. Now I'm sure that if a professional trainer watched my horse and I, then they probably would say I could be out there all day with the stuff I have to work on :lol:. That doesn't help when we are walking around the arena and I am trying to think of something to do. Once I start running out of things for us to do that isn't same old same old I can see the boredom in my horse too. Trail riding helps us. Trail riding is a form of training. There is always those horse eating rocks and cows out there to desensitize too, log crossings, streams, etc. I know training is important, but I think it's just as important for riding to be fun. Isn't that why we do it?
Something that helps me is to keep a journal of everything I do. Then I look back and realize that I actually do do quite a bit. I also think of how happy I am making my horse, because instead of being a pasture ornament she gets to exercise her brain :) She especially likes trail riding or even just riding down the road a ways. I think one thing that would help me would be to actually have someone to ride with! I get so lonely. So maybe you could find others to ride with? keep a notebook/journal? And put yourself in your horses shoes and think of how happy she/ he is :D
I actually rode the other day and it was great. My instructor was with me and helped me and I realized why I was having so many issues and not enjoying the ride is cuz I was riding in the wrong position and once I fixed my position my ride went really really well.
At first I was kind of surprised, because gee, an hour isn't very long. I can ride for 5 hours and never get bored. Tired yes!

But then I realized you are probably not out on the trail, but in an enclosed area, and then I could relate. Because actually right now the forest is such a swampy, muddy mess that I can't ride in it, and I don't have an arena, so I am just riding the dirt roads in our neighborhood. And I can cover the whole neighborhood in about an hour. I get tired of going back and forth over the same roads again and again, so yes, I can relate!

I have been working on teaching my mare to sidepass and back up with ease. But I have drilled that into her so much that she now sidepasses even when I don't ask her to, lol!

I'm glad your most recent ride was more fun. Come on spring! :D
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