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Lunging pics from today (Lots!)

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Well, lately I haven't really been enjoying my rides, as Shea is being totally out of character - lots of general silliness, shying, running through the bit, focusing on pretty much everything but me.
So I decided today to lunge him before I rode which is something I don't usually do. I thought it might take the edge off his energy but mainly I used it as groundwork to get his attention on me, and not the imagined gremlins in the grass.
I know he's not pushing from behind in these pics, but I have him in the running reins because I figure if he's going to be working I don't want him running around with his head in the air like a lama.
I was just happy that he was tracking up and that he's landing heel first which is something myself and my barefoot trimmer have been working on for a year. He used to land (very obviously) toe first, and had this wussy little short-strided trot.
Anyways, I took a ton of pics, so here are some of my favorites.

And after that we had a brilliant ride! :D
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very nice!! looks nice and warm. this is my pic from brrrrrrr...


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