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M. Toulouse Saddles

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I am looking to purchase the Lucia II & I am not riding any ONE horse in particular. I tried it on a skinnier horse & it seems to fit well... I am currently starting a lease on WB/TB cross & he's a little bit larger and I do not have a chance to try it on him. Has anyone has this problem with these saddles fitting larger horses?
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I just bought a Merina for my narrow APHA. I haven't tried it on any other horses but I absolutely LOVE it!
I sat in the saddle on a saddle rack & it's REALLY comfortable. I hope it fits the horse I am leasing... he's a big dude.
Well, instead of getting a sadde that you like without certainty that it fits your horse or not - why not get a Proffessional saddle maker/fitter come out and asess this horse you are leasing, so that you can be educated on what saddle will work for both you and your horse.

Just because you sat in it at a tack store, doesn't mean it is the saddle for you or for the horse you are leasing.

I think it is greatly irrisponsible and foolish to buy a saddle that you like, without knowing if it fits your horse or yourself first.
My sister tried a Toulouse on her pony (not your average rotund pony... more withers and built pretty narrow) and it did not fit at all. We took it on a trial from the store with numerous other saddles so a professional saddle fitter could aid us in her choice for a new saddle. I think that the medium tree was actually too narrow just behind his withers and pinched there (unless I am confusing it with one of the other saddles which was too wide in a medium... but I'm pretty sure the Toulouse was too narrow)
MIEventer - Well since you think it would be irresponsible & foolish of me to buy something that doesn't fit the horse I am leasing... what might you recommend for someone who rides all different horses???? I also ride a couple of other horses so what I was going for here was something that could be universally used which is why I was asking for some feedback. The saddle fits ME perfectly, I am not going into this completely blindly. I happen to be leasing a bigger horse but I may only be leasing for a short period of time... With different pads I can make some adjustments to an extent but what I was looking for here was some feedback on people's experiences as to whether they are usually fit for a horse with higher withers or horses who are flatter in that area... I am not a total idiot.

OdinsOwn - Thanks for your info! I greatly appreciate it.
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