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Massage Gun

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For Christmas I was gifted a JamGym Massage Gun (for humans) to use on my barrel horse. I am new to the equine massage world, and I do not know how to use my massage gun or whether a human massage gun works for horses too. I would really appreciate any help on how to use a massage gun on a horse and whether or not a massage gun meant for humans can effectively and safely be used on a horse. Thanks!
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My veterinary chiro once commented ironically that these massage guns are absolutely great for her business - as they give her new clients all the time...

There's a science behind all the wheres, whys, how strongs and how longs. Done improperly, a seemingly simple massage can seriously harm a horse and be the reason behind "unexplainable" lameness, stiffness and so on.

I recommend you to consult a vet before using this gun on a horse. :)
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