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May 2021 photo of the Month is...

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The theme for this month is 'The Horse of my life'.

Many of us have the Horse. The Horse who has changed our life, the Chosen one. Perhaps (s)he's still with us today, sold, or already passed away. (S)he's still someone who has left the hoofprint in our heart.

This month, we share photos of this Horse and let whole the Forum to know about him or her.

You will have from May 4 to May 31 for entering your photo.

Please enter your one photo as a reply to this thread.

After May 31, the entry will be closed and a poll will be put up as a way for voting the Photo of May 2021. Once the entry has been closed, it is not possible to enter the competition with your photo anymore.

If you have something to ask, comment, etc., the fastest way to reach my attention is to tag my username @TaMMa89 in a message posted in this thread. I do check this thread during enrollment period, but not daily or every second day. Please read also new rules, that we've set for 2021, below this paragraph!

Please stay tuned since some of the rules may become still more precise or change:

Few rules:
Horses: you can participate with a photo of a horse that you own. If you participate with a photo of a horse that isn't yours, you must have the owner's permission to use a photo of their horse. Lesson horses are accepted, but it's polite to inform the stable of usage of the photo. In cases such as historical themes, in which the horse is deceased, the stable has been shut down well in the past and there's no chance to ask permission from the owner (for example because the owner has passed away), a member can use the photo of the horse, but respecting the privacy of the stable, other environment in the photo and people in that place.

People: You must have permission from all people who are identifiable in the photo. Children under 18 years old: HorseForum age limit is 13 years, and Community Members who fit that age criteria can share photos of theirselves. If you share a photo of a person who is under 18 years old and who isn't you or your child, you must have the parent's or guardian's permission to participate. The Moderating Team reserves right to remove photos of underage people if them risk young members' safety or anonymity.

Editing your entry: unlike on the rest of the forum - you can edit for replacing your photo with another photo within the enrollment period. Once the poll has been set up for voting, you cannot replace your photo anymore. Photos which have been replaced within voting period will be disqualified.

Only one photo per a participant - if a participant adds more than one photo in the competition, the first one will be left for voting and others will be removed when the poll is being set up.

Please follow copyright laws of Canada while participating the competition. Photo proofs aren't allowed.

If a competition in some month has some special rules for the said month, it'll be notified within the intro of the theme.

Have fun!

Ps. Want suggest a theme or few for the competition or have something else to suggest or say? Please check Photo of the Month competitions; feedback, suggestions etc.... thread!

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This is that horse for me:

I had her from a yearling to 17 years, but knew her from the day she was born. She taught me & raised my horsemanship beyond levels I ever thought I would go. She never said "no" to trying new things. We trusted each other and had a blast doing things. She change a lot of people's minds about "Arabs". I miss her every day and wish we could have had many more years of adventures together.

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That is this girl for me. I impulse bought her dec 2019 a week before my shoulder surgery as a long yearling. I had swore for years I’d get a Bedonna bred horse at some point and had been looking for a ready to go prospect preferably of plain coloring lol. She is my first entirely ground up start and she has been such a dream!

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I don’t really buy into the heart horse thing. Each special horse I’ve had was the horse I needed at that particular stage in my life.

The horse I had as a teen was as good as any I suppose. She did anything from the trail, to the show ring, to gathering up horses, to goofing around with other teens.

Years after this horse was gone, I drove from Virginia to South Dakota. I drove through rolling prairie, cut with gullies. There were herds of cattle and antelopes.

I stopped for the night at a small hotel and had a steak and beer at a local saloon. That night I dreamed I was riding a bald faced horse across those prairies.


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OK ladies and fellas - the poll has been set up. Please vote! You've 15 days for voting from now.
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