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Me And My Quarter Of A Horse

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Hey there!

So, as you can tell by the new member post, I am new here. I live in southwestern Montana, have my whole life. I work for my dad as a hand at our barn, where we rent the arenas and board horses. I currently help a friend of mine with her 2 horses (as well as any horses she is training, I think she has 6 right now) as she needs, and another friend, who has a retired ranch horse, a big half-draft named Cisco. We own Cisco's best friend, a miniature horse (or quarter of a horse, as we like to say) named Bugs. I've had him since the second grade!

My life has been a mess, as far as riding goes. We got a Fjord who lived with my dad's cows. We got him when I was really young, from a friend of my great grandpa's. He died of old age, but he was a cool dude. My dad would lead him around the pasture with me riding on his back. My dad got Bugs for me a few years later, and I was learning on him when I was young. We then got a bigger mini named Squirt, who was very poorly behaved when he moved here. he was used to being a small horse, but since he was bigger than Bugs, he acted like he was always in control. We couldn't do anything with him until another friend moved her (full sized) horses to our property. This friend had a mare who she thought I should get. Her name was Little Yellow. We figured that once I could ride better on Little Yellow, we could trade her and Squirt. I had some bad falls off her (at least for a novice rider, and for my age at the time) and lost a ton of confidence. Eventually, we found a horse named Casper, a gorgeous cremello gelding. Registered name Ghost In The Doc if you want to look him up, he has a couple videos on YouTube. He was gelded at 10 (he was 16 at the time) and was very strong minded. I couldn't ride him as often as I wanted to, and we ended up selling him to someone better

At the moment, Bugs is still with us, Squirt went to live with a little girl in Wyoming who absolutely loves him, Little Yellow still lives with that friend (and had a gorgeous baby buckskin boy last winter! His name is Kalvin), and Casper went to live in California as one of The Thatcher School's horses. Look them up, they have an extraordinary program for both students and horses!

My dad and our friend who trains reining horses are considering a co-ownership with a lesson horse, so they can both use it. I would also be allowed to use it until I get better with horses through working at the barn, working with other people's horses, and eventually having a "family pet" horse. At that point, I want to buy my own. The Equis Save Foundation is in the next county over from me, they rescue horses, rehabilitate and train them, and sell them to good homes. Getting a rescue from them would be amazing

I also have 5 barn cats, 2 pet goats, 3 dogs, 4 chickens, a rabbit, and a chinchilla. I might be getting another rabbit soon too!

I'm excited to be here and get advice from knowledgeable people like yourselves!
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I guess I'll go in order. Bugs, cats, goats, dogs, chickens, rabbit, chinchilla

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Here's Bugs! This was a few weeks ago after I got him washed and prettied up (notice how he's on the outside of the wash rack. He's so short that he just leaves under the bar! You can't stop the little feller). Of course, he rolled as soon as I let him out, I really should have let him dry for a few minutes. He looked like he had a full blown coverall made of dirt on!

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Here's our cats! The black one, the brown tabby, and the brown tabby with white spots are all brothers. The black one is Fez, the tabby is Kelso, and the one with spots is Hyde. The gal who got them for us was a big fan of That '70s Show. The blue-grey ones are sisters. The one farther in back is Jethro, she's my sweet little girl. The one in front is Marshall. Unfortunately, about a month ago, she was hit by my dad's tractor. We miss her lots. The kitten in back is Marshall's son Soos. He was born and raised at the barn, known me his whole life, and still hates everybody

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Here's Soos and fun Uncle (maybe Dad, we don't know) Kelso playing peekaboo!

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The boys taking a nap!

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Soos when he was 2 weeks old

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I've always thought that if Fez and Jethro were humans, they'd get married. They always spend time together like this! Looks like they're holding hands. Little barn cat Romeo and Juliet!

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After Fez, Kelso, and Hyde got neutered, they were pretty snoozy from the sedatives. Kelso didn't put up any fight when I picked him up, he just wanted me to get him out of the carrier and put him somewhere comfy. He gave me this half awake look and just flipped down on the saddle pad

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Our late cat Marshall, thinking she could be a chicken. I saw an egg in there when she left! I didn't collect eggs earlier though, so...

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I thought this was kind of funny. Fez was just sitting kind of weird, staring off into space

I can only do 10 pictures at a time, so I'll post more later!
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