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yes and the covered risks in my policies case was anything except an act of terrorism or if I blatently neglected him. the £1500 was the sum insured (his value) for as that was the max I could insure a 20 yearold horse for, then there was the cost of removal (in the UK you cannot bury fallen stock).

Why doesnt it make sense that they would cover the £1500?? insurance is a gamble on both sides, you are betting that you will need the cover, they are betting that you won't. I've claimed for a horse who injured himself 6 weeks after I bought him. As I pay monthly for my premiums I had only paid about £60 when I made a HUGE claim (totaling very near the policy limit) and they paid it with no quibble. I've also paid 6 years of premiums on anouther pony and never had to claim.

So for stan I deffinately won the bet, I paid £800 (over the course of 3 years) they paid out close on £6000,
For ally I paid about £60 before the accident and £240 after (the rest of the monthly payments) and they paid out probably close to £10,000 direct to the vets (i never saw the bill my vet delt directly with petplan) SO I deffinatly won the bet there.

For pride who has been insured for 6 years and never had a claim I've paid £1200 so they won the bet there!

Legaly if it is covered by the policy and you have paid your premium for that year then the insurance company has to pay out.

I would never NOT insure.
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