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Meet Majic!

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Majic is the newest addition to my collection. He is a 10 year old Quarab that has successfully competed up to second level and is also solid over a course of fences plus he goes western! :shock: I will be leasing him for the next year and hope to learn a lot from him. In just four rides he has all ready taught me to soften my hands and sit still. :lol:

The "myspace pose"

More pictures to come!
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Thanks guys! He is pretty much everything that I want all rolled into one horse and when I was given the offer to lease him I just couldn't pass it up. The only complaint I have about him is that his ground manner really suck, but in just the four times I have gone out and handled him I have noticed a huge difference all ready. I think he is just the kind of horse that needs a firm hand on the ground, in the saddle he is a dream to ride though.
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