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Well, we drove almost 500 miles today... Holy crap, my a** hurts... long drive..

Here is what we have left for tomorrow... Driving Directions from Mount Vernon, Kentucky to Wellborn, Florida

long link.. anyways. I'm getting so excited! Oh... so... in Michigan, we don't really have like.. much of killer anything.. so I'm walking around the hotel we're in tonight, and happen to get smacked in the face with a katydid who I thought for sure was gonna kill me... and then, I walk into an orb weaver spider web.. that sucker was HUGE... like.... the size of a quarter...

Ok, so I grew up in a town of like... 85,000... and I swear that number is wrong google.. but still. Like, I knew the town like the back of my hand.. literally.. its a map of Michigan, but I knew all the bugs and such.. Why do strange places have more and BIGGER bugs?! Ugh!
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