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Missing Appy Gelding!

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Well..karma's a brat, but I love this horse, so I'm gonna try and help the owner out even though she kinda messed me over on my heart horse :/

Anywho..Ace apparently went missing from the Pittsburgh (PA) airport and is believed to have been put on the wrong flight.

About Ace:
"Rescued" Appaloosa gelding
About 15.1-15.2hh
Sorrel with a large blanket
THICK bone
I believe he's aroune 15 years old.
I'm trying to upload more pictures, but my phone's being stupid/ridiculous so I'll get more up sometime tomorrow when I get on the computer.
This is the only picture I currently have, me running him in a gaming class last year, he looks exactly the same now.

Anywho, if anyone knows/sees/hears anything..I'd appreciate it tons, as I'm sure his owner would as well.

I'm debating putting it on netposse, seeing as there's a fee and it isn't my horse. Nor will the owner speak to me, or I'd suggest the site to her.
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With all the airport security they have now seems kinda crazy that they would just loose a horse- what are they saying about it?
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baggage being lost...I can do you lose a horse.....on a plane???? o_O

keep us updated if you can?
If he were put on the wrong flight, surely to jaysus there would have been questions on the other end when nobody was there to receive him?!

Any horses we've had fly have gone with a pro-groom and piles of paperwork.
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Honestly, I couldn't tell ya..
I'll get a picture of the flyers she has up at the fair today and post a pic of that too.
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Wow... Not even sure how to take this... Subbing, and good luck with finding the horse!

..Why won't she talk to you?
How do you lose a horse on a PLANE? :shock: Subbing!

ETA: I could swear I've seen that picture before.. Not sure where, though.
I've posted the picture on here before, BB! :p
But..even worse news, apparently his rider went missing too..

I guess Tucker and Ace were suppose to be flying up to Alaska to meet his family who recently moved/vacationing? there.
Tucker and Ace never made it and no one can get ahold of anyone. They think they BOTH got on the wrong flight.

She won't talk to me because I offered to buy my heart horse from her when I (all at once) got my $1k inheretence from my grandma and found an affordable barn to board at. She blew up and said I used her and all kinds of stuff because 4 months prior I asked to work off half of my lease if she didn't NEED that $50. Which is wayyy off, I switched jobs and got established in those 4 months.
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And there are no phones where this person went missing to?...Hmmm...

this is all highly ridiclious to me. Its a freaking horse, on a plane. They don't get shipped that often and you can just "lose" a horse on a plane. Once they landed, there would have been contact made. Airlines arent that stupid.

There is protocall to be followed In aviation.
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Honestly, now that I actually read the flyer and found that BOTH went missing (wasn't entirely sure if she was flying Ace or lost him undersaddle near the airport, since they live up that way), I don't even understand how it would happen. Not to mention, I know every single one of them have cell phones.
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So does the rider not have a phone? Did he get dropped off on a deserted island?

This sounds fishy to me. Idk
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mmmhhmmm.... 0.0 this.. is.. wierd.
This is really strange... I'm curious to see how it turns out.
I still cant see a horse and owner getting on the wrong flight.the people checking tickets should have caught that . I think theres more to this story that you arent being told or that maybe nobody actually know about.add a missing person to all of it and the police will be all over this.
Subbing. Maybe someone stole the horse? He certainly is a nice looking guy but that doesnt explain the missing owner...
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Subbing to find out the rest of the story.
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If they both got on the "wrong" flight it's because those are the tickets the person booked. Maybe this person never planned on meeting the family in Alaska...

ETA- either way, for a missing person case, the airline should be willing to give flight records to the police to show if the passenger ever checked in, if the horse was loaded, etc.
I cant even find anything on the internet about this,shouldnt it have made news.I agree with verona, maybe the plan was not to go to alaska.
Id call animal controll and see if they found a horse--my friend fell off and lost a horse near a highway and they said if the horse got too close to put people in danger near a busy road theyd have put the horse down.

Id call to check if they seen them- not sure if theyd have to say something or try to find an owner but they probably wouldnt mention it publicly -they never really do.
Honestly, I'm really confused about all this and definitely wish I'd have waited until I read the flyer myself to post anything.

What I do know is Tucker is still a minor, so I would imagine the ticket was bought by a legal adult. Either of his parents or owner/old owner of this horse (I can't see her selling this gelding, maybe free leased) would have bought the tickets I would assume.

And just because I saw the thread that got closed earlier about "fantasy posts"..this isn't one of them(;
Not sure if that's what a few of you were insinuating or not, just making a point.

I'm honestly beyond confused because I feel that the police and airlines would have had this sorted out within a few days, not however long they've been trying to find them apparently. I had no idea Tucker went missing too, I was originally told that this lady's horse (her personal show horse) went missing from the airport.
Next time I'll definitely be going to look for myself before I say/think anything of it.
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