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Missing Appy Gelding!

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Well..karma's a brat, but I love this horse, so I'm gonna try and help the owner out even though she kinda messed me over on my heart horse :/

Anywho..Ace apparently went missing from the Pittsburgh (PA) airport and is believed to have been put on the wrong flight.

About Ace:
"Rescued" Appaloosa gelding
About 15.1-15.2hh
Sorrel with a large blanket
THICK bone
I believe he's aroune 15 years old.
I'm trying to upload more pictures, but my phone's being stupid/ridiculous so I'll get more up sometime tomorrow when I get on the computer.
This is the only picture I currently have, me running him in a gaming class last year, he looks exactly the same now.

Anywho, if anyone knows/sees/hears anything..I'd appreciate it tons, as I'm sure his owner would as well.

I'm debating putting it on netposse, seeing as there's a fee and it isn't my horse. Nor will the owner speak to me, or I'd suggest the site to her.
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One of my posts was removed...I was not insinuating that you (OP) were fantasty posting. but more along the lines that you were being put on by the owners.
Yah, they pulled a post of mine but my point was the same as CLaPorte's-it was not the OP I was doubting, rather the original story.
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