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I want to know all the good horse movies, tv shows, and episodes from any other shows that are horse related! basically anything horse related.
for example like a horse related show from dirty jobs or something.

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The Horse Whisperer
Black Beauty
Spirit (animation)

Tv series
The Saddle Club (more for children I think)

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Black Beauty
Danse avec lui
Moondance Alexander
Running free
The Black Stallion
The Horse whisperer
The silver brumby
Virginia's Run
Wild Stallion
Wild heart's can't be broken

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The Wild Stallion (2009)

Set in America. Two school girls uncover a plot that may jeapodise the safety of the mustangs. Not Seen.

Flicka (2006)

A remaking of the classic tale. A teenage girl tames a wild horse in an effort to prove to her father her ability to run the treatened family ranch. Not seen, but I hear its very good.

Dreamer (2005)
True story. A fathers love his little girl, sees him unable to put down a racehorse with a broken leg despite their lack of money and the gloomy outlook for the horse. The girl, played by Dakota Fanning, has big dreams and manages to make the adults believe too. Completely heart-warming story.

American Black Beauty (2005)
I add this movie as a warning only. I picked this up from tesco for £1 thinking, great a new horsey movie! NO. It has the worst acting I have EVER seen. No plot line, hurrendous camera work. Looked like it was filmed in the 1970's or something. I didn't even make it past the first 10 mins. Can't believe it even made it to DVD.

Hidalgo (2004)
Great film, based on a true-ish story. About endurance/long distance racing. Set in America, then the middle east. In the days of the cowboys.

Seabiscuit (2003)
True story. Set in America. Of the racehorse seabisuit and his groom/jockey. The story is both uplifting and gritty, following the poverty of the time, the hard work and struggles of the grooms, but also the fame and grandure of racing.

The Young Black Stallion (2003)
Set in the middle east. A young girl befriends an arab stallion. Seen only parts.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002)
Animation. Meant to be achildren's movie, but can enjoy at any age. Through the horse's eyes. Great music by Brian Adams. Realistic horse movement and expression (very hard to do in animation). Great plotline about how wild mustangs and native americans were effected by the western settlers and rail road construction.

The Horse Whisperer (1998)
Classic must see movie! Set in America and starring a young Scarlet Johannson. A girl and her horse are injured in a freak accident. The story follows as her mother and a horse whisperer try to patch the two together again.

Black Beauty (1995)
Childs animation of the novel. Not Seen.

Black Beauty (1994)
The classic tale narrated through the horse's eyes. Very moving. Set in England.

The Silver Brumby (1993)
Starring Russel Crowe. Not Seen

The Black Stallion Return (1983)
Set in Morocco about a teenage boy and his arab stallion. Not Seen.

The Black Stallion (1979)
Reasonably good story about a young boy travelling abroad with his father, a shipwreck and his growing attachment to a wild arab horse.

International Velvet (1978)
Sequel to the Classic 'National Velvet'. Not Seen.

National Velvet (1944)
Don't be put off by how old this movie is! Excellent movie, classic with great plot. When only men were allowed to race, one woman defied the rules.

Heartland (2007 - Current e.g. 2010)

Set in Canada, very popular series based on the books by Brooke. About two sisters who take over the family ranch when their mother dies in an freak accident. The youngest daughter, still in high school, chooses to follow in her mother's footsteps and help to heal damaged/traumatised horses. I love this series - great cast, get all their horsey facts right and is still enjoyable for non-horsey people.

Rough Diamond (2006)
Set in Ireland. About a father and his teenage son and their run-down racing stables. Reasonably good and origional, unfortunatly only aired 6 episodes and stopped abruptly, never to be heard from again...

The Saddle Club (2001)
Set in Australia. Children's program about learning to ride and friendship.

The Princess Stallion (1997)
Set in the highlands. About a girl and a lonely white horse being hunted out on the moors. Not Seen.

The New Adventures of Black Beauty (1992)
Following the story of a young girl shipwrecked in Australian. Not Seen.

The Black Stallion (1990)
Series based on the novel of a boy shipwrecked abroad and his attachment to a wild arab stallion.

Black Beauty (1978)
Mini-Series, following the classic tale. Not Seen.

The Adventures of Black Beauty (1972-74)
Based on ideas from the novel, featuring a female lead. Not Seen.

National Velvet (1960)
Based on the classic movie. Not Seen.

There are many more movies out there you just have to poke around, although there have been less in the last couple of decades. I'm afraid there really aren't that many TV series based around horses, Heartland is the only one going at the moment.

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Bluegrass was a tv based movie that had horses. I loved it.
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