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and they want to know what I want Maddy to get fed ...

6 yr old TB
16 Hands
Ridden 1-2 days a week
She is in a stall but get out in the pasture 4-5 days a week (there isn't really grass out there for them right now)

Right now she gets:

1 BIG (about 7or 8 lbs) flake of grass in the AM and PM
Plus she gets about 1.5-2 quarts of Strategy with her supplements (Select 2, Flax Seed and Smart-Tendon)

Some of you may say that this isn't enough feed but I swear she gains weight on air!

I will attach some pictures so you can see she is in no way shape or form skinny :)

SO at the new place I am going to start riding her 3-4 times a week to get her jumping so I can possibly sell her, or show her if that works out.

I was thinking that I should have them feed her:
AM: 2 flakes of Grass
PM: 1 Flake of Alfalfa

She will still get the Strategy and suppliments.
Also she gets blanketed during the winter(and in a stall) so she doesn't need food to really keep her warm...

What do you guys think?



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I'm curious to know which barn you are moving to. I also board in Livermore.
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