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Must have bits

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I love discussion that revolve around bits because there is so much to learn about them.

The discussion I want to get started, is what are bits that you keep in your "every day" tack locker that you find is great to keep on hand hen working with horses? And why is it that you've chosen to keep it in your daily/regular use bin? Maybe mention what discipline(s) you're into.
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These are my everyday bridles.


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Thanks tiny :)

@COWCHICK77, how do you like the lifesaver bit with the copper disks?
The horses I've been using it on seem to really like it.
I have another similar to it without the copper rings in the lifesaver and it also doesn't have the sleeves on the rings, I think horses like the one pictured better. Probably for the simple fact it may not pinch the corners of the mouth. Not sure if the copper rings make a difference?
someone who wants to make the case for shanked bits over snaffles is something i'd love to hear. i'm a snaffle girl myself, although a pelham is my favorite shanked/leverage english bit.
I don't think one could make case for shanked bits over snaffles. They both have their own purposes and uses, doesn't necessarily make one or the other better in general. Saying a snaffles is better than a shanked bit or vice versa would be like saying riding English is better than riding western.
In my opinion, it would be dependent on the horse, rider and situation either bit is being used for.
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