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Well, I have real horses now and I dont want anymore to get broke. Never had one break till about two weeks ago when kid and Dad broke one each :roll:
Traditional- $20
Nosferatu and Skullduggery are for sale, but i'm undecided on price.
Classic $10
Paddocks $5
Stablemates $2- will take pictures if interested
Traditional Models

Pippin- 2000 Collectors Edition Glossy Rose Grey
Ara-appaloosa Family: Stallion, Mare, and foal- some marks on body and a seam is coming apart ( just needs heating)-$25
Running Mare- Bay, some small scuffs
National Show Horse- Small scuff on ear
Legionario III- Alabaster some small scratches
Appy QH- 1987 JCPenny Traditional Western Horse Collector Set
Cantering Welsh Pony-1979-1981- Small scuffs
Speck- Glossy Arabian Mare
Wild Horses of America Rearing Stallion Palomino- 1993 JCPenny
Fighting Stallion- Glossy Palomino
Fighting Stallion Alibaster-Some discoloration on chest
The Gypsy King
Buckskin half rearing hores- pretty beat up
San Domingo model Bay- JCPenny Traditional Western Horse Collection- Some small nicks
Sandy Bay Appaloosa- Model #103
Classic Models
Spirit Kiger Mustang Family-$15
Arabian Stallion- Liver chestnut- some scuffs
Black stallion model- Arabian, Dark brown
Azul and Fausto
Pinto Sporthorse
Arabian mare-Johar model
Appaloosa Sporthorse- Keen model
Dapple grey Merrylegs model-small scuffs
Might Tango model Pinto
Mustang Stallion
Rearing Stallion- Bay
Colorful Foals
Pirro and Eldora
Paddock Pals
Half Arabian/Palomino
American Saddlebred/Dapple Rose
Clydesdale paint
Western Pleasure horse
Allot- Ask for pictures
Second Edition Silver cup series- Mint with certificate
1 - 6 of 6 Posts