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My completely re-vamped headstall!

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This is my old re-vamped headstall. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out :D! I eventually want to make another one with brown/turquoise.

(Sorry if the pictures are huge, I don't know how to re-size them on here)

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Did you rough up the leather first?
Posted via Mobile Device :shock:! I didn't even think of that at the time I started working on it. I was just excited to get it started but now that you mention it, that probably would have helped a lot! Oh well, live and learn.
Once the stuff that's on there completely peels off, you can always do it then. Just take some medium grit sandpaper (nothing too rough, but nothing too fine, either) and lightly sand the top layer of the leather so that if feels slightly rough to the touch. The glue should adhere pretty easily to it then. Right now, the glue has nothing to hold onto, as the surface of the leather is slick.
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