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My goat gave me ringworm a few months back and since then I won't touch him...

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A few months ago I got ringworm from my goat. Since then I haven't really touched him...

I checked my goat but found no ringworm so I just decided not to touch him.

I know other animals can get it, too, but I know he had it...

Does ringworm go away after a few months?
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Ringworm is the most recognized fungal disease in goats.

It is not a worm, but rather a fungus which usually appears during prolonged periods of very wet weather, often when it's difficult to keep the pens clean and therefore disease free.

Ringworm can be located almost anywhere on the goat's body; its appearance is that of a rounded patch of hair surrounded completely by a hairless ring. Left untreated, it gets bigger and bigger. Ringworm is contagious both to goats and humans.

Treatment involves donning disposable gloves and thoroughly washing the area with a topical skin disinfectant like Betadine Surgical Scrub. Then wipe the cleansed skin surface dry, and apply 1% Clotrimazole Cream to the affected area. Repeat this treatment daily for at least two weeks and possibly longer, until the ringworm is gone.

Don't expect the ringworm to just 'go away'. As that animal's owner, it's your responsibility to make sure he gets the proper treatment.
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