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My goat gave me ringworm a few months back and since then I won't touch him...

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A few months ago I got ringworm from my goat. Since then I haven't really touched him...

I checked my goat but found no ringworm so I just decided not to touch him.

I know other animals can get it, too, but I know he had it...

Does ringworm go away after a few months?
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If you cannot find it on your goat, he probably doesn't have it. Search him EVERYWHERE, clean his stall, search your horse and dog, and clean their living areas, too.
If you can't find it still, you could've even gotten it from a classmate, a friend's animal or wild animal, or at a grocery store from a dirty cart. I got it once, most likely from wal*mart.
Also, Barry, Ringworm is not a worm; it is a fungal infection. Your goats, if they were dairy and noisy, were probably Nubians, which are probably the noisiest of all breeds; other breeds are quietter, and proper fencing (woven wire) would have let your goats run and prevent them from being tied. There is no reason a goat, if tame, should not get attention like a dog.
Boers are generally pretty calm/quiet, although I had one that was a bottlebaby who had been spoiled constantly, that was quite the noisy little *******. Nigerians are, generally, aloof and quiet, but pygmies can make a racket.
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