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My goat gave me ringworm a few months back and since then I won't touch him...

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A few months ago I got ringworm from my goat. Since then I haven't really touched him...

I checked my goat but found no ringworm so I just decided not to touch him.

I know other animals can get it, too, but I know he had it...

Does ringworm go away after a few months?
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I LOOOOOOOVE my goats, they have SUCH personalities!!! The pygmy I had was super noisy, but I LOVED it. I miss his noise. We had to have him euthed last month due to bad urinary calculi :(
My other goats (9) are Nigerian Dwarves. They're not as noisy as him, but they sure do talk anytime they see us, and especially at feeding time. But I LOVE the noise they make :) I have a doe kid, she is the noisiest of them hehe :) They're so much fun!
One of mine does tricks for treats ;) Say the word cookie, and they all come running! Speaking of running, I LOVE to run as they will all follow me in a big group :) If Im' out and about the yard, you can bet they're around me, they go where I go. I've taken them on walks, too ;) No leash necessary.
I bottle fed one of them (I don't breed them, 7 are wethers and I just happen to have two does, but got this guy from his breeder still on the bottle) and I would bring him inside the house all the time when I did :)
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