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My goat gave me ringworm a few months back and since then I won't touch him...

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A few months ago I got ringworm from my goat. Since then I haven't really touched him...

I checked my goat but found no ringworm so I just decided not to touch him.

I know other animals can get it, too, but I know he had it...

Does ringworm go away after a few months?
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164 Posts just ringworm. You aren't going to die from it. I have had ringworm more times than I can count, and have gotten it from just about every animal you can imagine from goats to guinea pigs to cattle.

At the very least spray some meds through a spray bottle even if you don't want to "touch" the goat, even though you could just put gloves on. Do you just have one goat? Goats really need to be in pairs at the minimum...they get kinda miserable when its just them.

To the poster who said his goats "bleated constantly"....I have NEVER seen or heard goats bleat all the time unless they are hungry or thirsty. I have raised & managed goats for 4 years, and my goats are quiet for 95% of the day. Maybe the goats needed something which was why they were so noisy....
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