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My goat gave me ringworm a few months back and since then I won't touch him...

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A few months ago I got ringworm from my goat. Since then I haven't really touched him...

I checked my goat but found no ringworm so I just decided not to touch him.

I know other animals can get it, too, but I know he had it...

Does ringworm go away after a few months?
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Lots of reasons = lots of baby ringworms

Sorry I must apologise.
I love my dogs - even other people's dogs
I love my horse although not all of other peoples' horses

Goats, well my wife once bought some to keep on our small holding. The idea was that they ate the weeds around the place. They also provided goats milk. But they ate every thing.

Then they discovered where the house was - so they used to come up and say hello. They wanted to be allowed to live with us like the dogs did.
But they bleated - oh did they bleat - that noise.

Then they wandered about - so we had to tie them up and I hate having to tie an animal up - all the time. For their safety maybe tieing them up might be acceptable, after all I have to tie my horse up. But needing to tie up for my convenience - no that gives me a conscience. We did not tie up the chickens. But when tied up, the goats bleated even more.

And if anyone came to the house - they wanted to be introduced - and they bleated anyway.

No Briann for me the goats had to go. - That bleating!!

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