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Wow! My first post on this site!
OK, so this is just a little poem I found on my laptop. I wrote it ages ago for a competition in school on 'Sport or Hobbies' (I chose horse riding). So this is it! I know it's not the best (especially the second verse) but I quite like it:)
Horse Riding
By StardustRose

Horse riding is magnificent, horses are amazing,
The way they are peaceful when they are grazing,
Horses come in every shape, size and colour,
Horses - or equines - are like no other.

There are three different disciplines - cross country, dressage and show jumping,
There's nothing like cross country to get the blood pumping,
Classic dressage is floaty and elegant,
And soaring over the jumps can make the horses pant.

Going to pony club is so much fun,
There are lots of activities and prizes to be won,
You can play fun games and enter rallies,
And hang out with all your pallies.

Hacking out is just so amazing,
Racing across the golden sand with the sun blazing,
Maybe a canter through the wood,
Or a gallop across the mountains is very good.

As nimble as a deer, as swift as a fly,
The blur of spectators as we whizz by,
Soaring over the jumps as we go clear,
I'm just so glad my best friend is here.

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I love the "and hang out with your pallies" part!:D
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