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My little nudist

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Well here is the little canadian nudist. Had his clip done. His first ever clip. He was fantastic with his neck but had to use a stud chain for the rest but everyone lived thru the process so I will count that as a success.

I unfortunately was covered in hair and ended up not even thinking of taking pictures of him unless after his bath, a FIRST time bath as well and he was FANTASTIC FOR THAT! YaY! horse :D

Will get more pics of him naked tomorrow or over the weekend at some point.

Sorry for the quality. I didn't want to bring my good camera as I knew I would be wet or covered in hair so I used my little canon. Enjoy :)

Hard to tell but there is nothing left on his neck

Big yawn after his stressful day

..I'm just going to stay here and sleep...
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He was absolutely fantastic with his bath. I started off with his foot and worked my way up his leg then once I got to his shoulder just went for it and he was absolutely fantastic.
For clipping tho he really didn't like it. He was great with his neck, never even flinched but wasn't impressed with his body. We ended up using the stud chain for the last half of it BUT after 2 good reminders with it and letting him know he had to at least try to be good boy, he did pretty good. Considering it was his first time for 2 big things, I am quite happy with him but thankful I started all this at a fairly young age. He would have been one big horse to handle next year.
He was sticked last week at 15'1hh and he is 1 year and 8 months so he's going to be one big boy.
You should have been there to say the same thing when we had to use a stud chain on him.
man u gotta stop showing the little ****** off.. cuz ya never know.. i may just drive on over to canada and still him.. sense ya know he was like perfect getting on the trailer too !!! :p

hmmm....I should have thought of that when I "trained" him to load...:?
New pics from this morning

Here are some new photos from this morning. Tried to get them from an angle where you can actually see his clip. Here is in his paddock all dressed up.

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It cracks me up to see your reactions with the photos I post. It's funny that he has such an effect on so many people. I will have to get a video of the beast when I go out and see him because if you think the pics are cute, just wait until you see what he does when I go out and see him.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...........he's adorable!!! wat breed is he? :)
Welcome to the forum! He is a Canadian Horse. If you check out my signature there are links and videos about the breed :D
I wish I had someplace warm to give my girls a bath. They all need one desperately. I even resorted to taking some of the dogs waterless shampoo and using it on Saro's mane and tail last week. It was full of mud.
We don't clip ours thank goodness. I can't imagine how any of them would react to a pair of clippers. Good job to you and Cobalt for taking it semi well :D
I hear yea Vida. It is very hard even here. It's been around the -5 to -15 range over the last few days maybe even week or so(which is typical here for winter)but even with a heated barn and hot water I still felt bad for giving him a bath tho I think once he realised the water wasn't as bad as he thought I think he enjoyed it.
Even with heat on tho, the barn will always have some breezes and those breezes, in my opinion are pretty cold tho again I might be slightly over reacting...horses are pretty tough.
He looks great! I love seeing pictures of him!
There you are, I was wondering where you'd gone. Was starting to get concerned :)
Thank you! Let's do it! a fan club :D
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