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My little nudist

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Well here is the little canadian nudist. Had his clip done. His first ever clip. He was fantastic with his neck but had to use a stud chain for the rest but everyone lived thru the process so I will count that as a success.

I unfortunately was covered in hair and ended up not even thinking of taking pictures of him unless after his bath, a FIRST time bath as well and he was FANTASTIC FOR THAT! YaY! horse :D

Will get more pics of him naked tomorrow or over the weekend at some point.

Sorry for the quality. I didn't want to bring my good camera as I knew I would be wet or covered in hair so I used my little canon. Enjoy :)

Hard to tell but there is nothing left on his neck

Big yawn after his stressful day

..I'm just going to stay here and sleep...
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aww! i wanna see more =] hes such a good boy.
how big is he now? how tall?
hes going to be a big boy! I cant wait until hes all grown and we can see pics of you riding =]
god hes a good looking boy =]
I wanna be in the fan club!!!!
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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