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Hey all...

Well my mare left today around noon!
It was nice to meet the trainer in person and also to watch him ride in person. I had seen a short video of him riding my friends mare, and her riding, but the vid was not that great.
He was very professional, and I certainly liked what I saw.
My friends horse, has been under saddle before, but she is young. When I first came to this barn, her little mare had just come back from the trainers place and then injured herself a few weeks after returning. Then she was laid up for the whole summer.
They sent her back to this guy about 6 weeks ago, and WOW! What a wonderful difference in her horse.
I watched them both ride.
When it came time to load Candi in the trailer, I knew she was going to not just pop right into the trailer. It took about 15-20 miutes, but he was really great about the whole thing. He was never once rough, or forceful. He spoke kindly and handled her without and issues. That I liked, considering some nightmares I have seen with loading.

I think he will be coming back down to our barn to ride my friends mare a few times during the holidays. So I will get to see him work her a few more times and also see him work my mare at his place.
My horse has not been under saddle in the way we all think of it. She was at a training track for a while and since then she has not been ridden to my knowledge. She is 4 1/2 yr old TB.
He will be starting her with ground work, and then progressing from there.

My original trainer that fell ill is now ok'ed to start working again. She will only be giving lessons tho. Since college will be out for the next month I am planning on taking 2-3 lessons a week with her. And the same gal who's mare came home today has told me she found a horse I may be able to ride or take lessons on at a different barn. So I am stoked about that too.
I figure the more horses and lessons I can take over the next few months the better....

That's the skinny! When I go up to see Candi on Sunday I will take a few pics. I will also take pics over the coming weeks to post and show her progress...

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