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My new horse Dimples

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Ok so as you know I lost Dana. :cry:
But on the upside I have been offered Dimples, the bay QH to get some work done on. She was broken in as a three year old and then turned out until now (I think shes four-ish). She has pull back issues but apart from that she's good to ride considering shes been out in the paddock for the last year and a bit. Shes reasonably soft etc.
I went and saw her today. Sat with her for 2hrs and at the end I thought 'oh well I dont think I have made that much that difference'. Three seconds later the neighbours blue dog came bounding up to see me and I was giving him a pat. Dimples looked around and went for him lol ears pinned back and chased him outta the paddock lol!!
Oh and I have chucked in a few pics of the foals.


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I never owned Dana although I wished I had. I had been offered her for $5000 but as you can imagine on a casual wage theres no way I could afford her and he would have it any other way. And I knew he would be moving and he promised me he would tell me when but he didnt. I arrive one day, its raining and theres no horses, sheep, dogs, geese or anything left. So I text him and he's basically just fobbed me off. I want Dana back but I dont want to have to put up with his rubbish. I spent 5yrs putting up with his garbage, dead animals, inconsistant feeding routines, bad fences etc etc So now Im just happy training Dimples and working with the same people as Crackrider who used to be on here (still is I dunno).
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