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My new horse Dimples

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Ok so as you know I lost Dana. :cry:
But on the upside I have been offered Dimples, the bay QH to get some work done on. She was broken in as a three year old and then turned out until now (I think shes four-ish). She has pull back issues but apart from that she's good to ride considering shes been out in the paddock for the last year and a bit. Shes reasonably soft etc.
I went and saw her today. Sat with her for 2hrs and at the end I thought 'oh well I dont think I have made that much that difference'. Three seconds later the neighbours blue dog came bounding up to see me and I was giving him a pat. Dimples looked around and went for him lol ears pinned back and chased him outta the paddock lol!!
Oh and I have chucked in a few pics of the foals.


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