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My NightMARE... (burrs in mane)

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Oh my goodness.
I walked out to the pasture after being absent from the barn for a week (vacation) and saw what my eyes couldn't believe.
My Shetland pony mare who has a gorgeous past her shoulder length, thick mane, had gotten into burrs.
And I mean BURRS.
They always get them in the fall (usually not this early, but I guess they did this time).. but never this bad! Because I hadn't taken care of it for a week (she's always out to pasture at the barn, and we had people taking good care of her, but that's beside the point.) it got really bad.
It can't be comfortable for her! It's still really hot where we live! And it's like having a porcupine stuck on your head!!
I didn't have time to deal with it yesterday, being that I was just out there to water them and say hi before I went to school, but today I have time and I'm going to tackle this problem!!
HOW in the HECK do you get that many burrs out of a mane like her's? Her mane was so gorgeous, but honestly I don't think there's a way I'm getting them out without roaching. :shock:
I'm afraid to roach her mane. It's like me going from lower back-length hair to a buzz cut... It'll be that drastic.
Moral support needed.
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cowboy magic detangler and shines works.... well magic (lol) getting burrs out!!!
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