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Well, I would make videos for all of the horses in my life, but I only have clips of 75% of them. ): So we will start with:


This is going to be a little mini-series im doing about the horses that have been in my life. I know Rhedd's video is short and crappy, but I dont have really any footage of him. ): I was always the one video taping when I was still able to ride.

I will fill the rest of this out later. =]

Show clips are from my very first show western (and just my first show) Oct. '07, rest of clips are from summer '08.

---------------------------------------- ---------------

This is Rhedd, my second horse to ever own and the first horse I bonded with. I got him knowing that he was not fully sound and knowing that the most I could probably ever do with him was walk trot (or when I got him walk jog). He was a reiner and cow horse his entire life pretty much. He didnt trust anyone when I first got him, but we started to trust eachother quickly. I had had a pretty nasty spill off of Rosie, my first horse, and had a very hard time trusting a horse undersaddle. But he helped me trust again, and I did the same for him.
We got him on some good supplements and by our first summer together he was able to gallop through the field, almost, soundly. I rode him bareback for pretty much the entire summer of 2008 (I was doing english when I wasnt riding bareback, though he was a 110% finished western horse). As you can see in the summer clips, things started to go down hill, slowly but surely. His Ringbone started to catch up with him and he was limping worse then ever. I started to look for a lease horse...

I could do anything with Rhedd; lay with him (any way, he will put his head in my lap, I can put my head on his cheek, I can sit on him, I can sit inbetween his legs, etc.)(can still lay with him), ride him completely tackless out in the field with other horses galloping around and know that he wouldnt take off, lay and sit under him, sit infront of him, I could do ANYTHING with him. But, I have let him down.
Since I started to lease other horses, Rhedd and been despret for my attention. I will bring a halter out and he will try to trot up to me (the Ringbone is to bad for him to do that soundly) and gets a sad look when I catch another horse. When I do spend time with him, he gets happy, the twinkle in his eyes come back, he trys to trot around to follow me. And even though his means everything and more to me, I just dont spend enough time with him.

So this is to you Rhedd, I love you. =,]

^^ This is the des. of the video, but I though it might be nice to post is here so you guys dont have to read it while the video is playing or something.... =]

Next up will be Sunny! =,]
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