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Mystery Abcess

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All right all you mystery solvers... I've got one for you...

I have three geldings... About a month ago (3/1/14) I purchased 2 packs of Fluvac Innovator 6. 2 packs because that's all they had in stock. I came home, gave them to two of my horses (Dually and Kinko). No issues with injection. About a week later, I picked up another pack and gave it to my third horse, Bullseye. Again no issues.

All goes well for about a month, until 4/1.... then, I stop by the barn to let them out in the am and Kinko (horse from first batch of shots) is acting strange. Slowly walks out to the pasture and is reluctant to put his head down. I pull him in and after further inspection; find what appear to be ski moguls all over the side of his neck from the injection about a month earlier. I tie him to his stall and go to throw out the other horses. Dually is fine (second horse from first batch), but Bullseye has a definite swelling (picture a baseball cut in half on his neck). Towards the top of that swelling and dripping down across it is a small streak of blood.

These are not horses that I don't see daily... they are not pasture ornaments that are never looked at. They were absolutely fine the night before. I throw both horses in the trailer and off to the vet we go. Vet decides that they must be delayed reactions to the vaccines and agrees that it's strange that they presented on the same day even though the shots were given about a week apart. We try to lance the baseball in Bullesye's neck, but can't seem to find the sweet spot. Kinko has no one lump, rather a collection of them so there's nothing to try to lance.

I'm sent home with two tubs of Ticoprim and a DMSO/Furacin Ointment. Over the next week or so, they get their Ticoprim and Cold Water flushing along with the DMSO. They both look great, lumps are all but gone, and crisis adverted. Last of the Ticoprim was given late last week... (Friday?).

Fast forward to yesterday. Kinko is coming into the barn last night and it looks like he's got a slight limp. I do a quick check of his front legs... no heat, no swelling, nada. This am, I go back for further inspection and he now has the baseball on the side of his neck... hence the appearance of a limp in the dark. So... of course, I go to take a look at the other two. Dually is fine, Bullseye is stiff and has a more gradual but defiant swelling again. This time though, his is a larger area and seems to be more at the shoulder.

I'm stumped. Back to the vet we go for I'll assume more Ticoprim, etc. It just seems strange that it didn't wipe out at least one of them. They both got full dosages - no skipped days or amounts.

Anyone have anything like this in a recurring abscess? I hate to be the conspiracy theorist, but could someone be injecting something???