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name for a new business - comments needed ;)

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my name is lena, i'm working as a designer for about 10 years and no matter how hard work is, i always shared my live with horses.

this is the reason why i'm thinking about connecting necessary work with my love, the horses. So i want to start up my own business creating logos for ranches, doing stallion-promotion, all-over-concepts and so on...

searching for a matching name i read the idiom "all hat and no cattle"
and changed it into "all hat n cattle".

this is the moment i need the help of you, the real americans ;) does that change the original meaning into a positiv feeling or sounds it just silly to your ears?

i would love to read your comments (even the bad one's are
appreciated) and dont hesitate to make your own proposals...

thanks a lot for your help!

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While I'm afraid to say I'm not a real american, I'd say that the name is okay.
All hat & no cattle means all talk with nothing to back it up, so I see by changing it, you're giving the impression that you've got the talk AND the goods. I think it's pretty good. I'm not sure if I like having the 'all' there still, if it were me i might have just gone for 'hat 'n' cattle'. But that's just my opinon, you do whatever you feel is best.

I had fun thinking of some horsey design company names, not that i'm suggesting they're any good, but here are a couple from horse-related sayings:

- 'flying changes equine designs'
- 'Horse sense designs'
-'Horses for courses design co'
-'boots, chaps and cowboy hats'

Haha, told you they weren't good!
If you like the name you got, stick with it, it's yours to do what you want with and at the end of the day it's you that it's going to represent. Good luck! x

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Catchy business names are the best because they are memorable. People laugh everytime they hear my design company name, but they don't forget it either!

I'd suggest something that is related directly to HORSES if you're interested in doing horse designs. Hat 'n Cattle sounds like a Cow ranch, nothing about horses.

Hats Hay n Horses... Triple H Designs ?

Designz for Equinez

Equine Designz

Design by Equine

Equitation Design-Nation

You'll have to keep in mind the kind of logo you want to go with the name and make sure they match - so, designing the name and the logo together is also a good idea.

Good luck!
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