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Hello :) I wanted to share some pictures with the babies. Well they are not really babies :lol: but they are acting like that.

It was the first bath that I gave Danut this year by myself. He had some baths before but I wasn't there to take the pictures :p. He was really sweet until the end of the bath. He stood very patiently at it. But at the end he decided that he doesn't like his face being washed so he broke a lead rope. I really don't like those lead ropes, they are not of good quality. Normally he knows to give to pressure but I guess that he realized that the lead rope will break when he pulls. It's not the first time. I want to make him a rope halter and tie him with it. He must learn to give to pressure again.

Naomi on the other hand was really sweet as always. She loves baths and hate the warm weather.

Naomi being washed
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Horse supplies Halter

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Horse supplies Pack animal

Danut being washed
Horse Mammal Horse supplies Horse grooming Mare

Horse Horse supplies Halter Bridle Mane

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Horse supplies Bridle

I know that the place isn't good for a bath. We don't have a bath stall or something like this. We have a place with concrete near the water but without a tie post.
Horse Mare Horse supplies Working animal Stallion

Horse Mammal Vertebrate Stallion Mane

Naomi getting an haircut. She doesn't stand to have the mane pulled and I think that it's no need for it. She doesn't need to be really beautiful because no one will see her :lol:. She's a pasture ornament.
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Horse supplies Halter

The final result.
Horse Halter Mammal Vertebrate Horse tack

I wanted to make some photos with him but he has very hungry after the bath. :D So he didn't want to stay with his head up. Silly boy.
Horse Mammal Vertebrate Hair Mane
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