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The 2010 National Cavalry Competition will be held at Old Ft. Concho, San Angelo, TX from 29 SEP-2 OCT 2010.

This event gives riders a chance to demonstrate their abilities in the four major competition venues (Military Horsemanship, Military Field Jumping, Mounted Pistol, and Mounted Saber). There is also the Major Howze Mobility Test (a team event).

There is no requirement that a competitor be a member of any branch of any Armed Force. Nor do they need to be a member of an organized unit. They are required to correctly wear the uniform of an Armed Force from pretty much any period of history (except Nazi Germany). They may also wear the current uniform of any Armed Force, if authorized to do so. Tack used should be appropriate to the period portrayed.

This competition is not a “re-enactor event.” It’s a demonstration of the riding and military skills possessed by cavalrymen over the years.
In previous competitions we’ve had riders representing all the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. We’ve also had people from Australia, Canada, and Great Britain.

If a person wishes to compete but lacks weapons this is not a problem. There are always a few spares around or someone will lend you what you need. One of the best things about this event is its very low key approach to competition and the competitors’ willingness to work with others competitors, particularly “new kids.”

There are a series of parties and dinners that go with the event that are a great deal of fun. This is really a nice bunch of folks to hang out with.

We’ve been attending since 2001 and competing since 2006. The whole thing is just a really good time.

So if you’re interested to go The US Cavalry Association: Fort Riley, Kansas and click on the link in the Recent Updates box to the right. If making the trip with your horse is a problem, come on down and observe one to see what we do. Special rates have been negotiated with a nearby hotel. We hope to see you there!!!


P.S. IIRC, last year's overall winner was riding a Walker.
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