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Native Tack and Attire- Andalusians

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For all of you afficionados in the Native Tack and Attire rings, this is for you.
First off- is ther a difference between "Heritage Tack and Attire" and "Native tack and Attire"? If so, what difference?

What is appropriate Native (or Heritage) Tack/Attire for an PRE (Purebred Spanish) Andalusian? Every time I search for Native Tack and Attire I can only seem to come across things for Arabians.
Which Saddle is appropriate? There are so many spanish/portugese saddles out there I cant figure out which would be best.
Doma Vaquera? (
Alta Esquela? (
Portugese? (
Or any of the other mixtures between the above that exist. I'm rather partial to the Alta Esquela because it could also double as a Medieval looking saddle for SCA/Reniassance Faires and then I wouldnt have one saddle just sitting around solely for native tack and attire.
Moving on- what sort of stirrup irons are appropriate with the above saddles? I've seen some sites which claim you must have full irons like these: , but that might just be on the vaquero saddles. Can someone enlighten me?
Are cruppers and breastplates mandatory for any/all of these saddles?
Saddle pads...where do i even begin? Everyone seems to be selling Iberian horse saddles, but no one ever says anything about saddle pads. What sort/design would be appropriate?
Bridles, for the most part, I understand. Mosqueros are mandatory. But are bits required to be of antique/traditional design or can they be modern bits?

Now on to what the rider is supposed to wear. Do I wear a skirt? Pants? Pants and Chaps? A blouse? A blouse and a jacket? Hat or no hat? There seem to be so many differeing opinions on what is right. What would be an appropriate outfit for a girl?

I appreciate any insight you can give!