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Natural Allergy Remedies

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I have tried various supplements and what not, under a vet's recommendation, but nothing has quite worked enough...everything has helped, yes, but not enough.

It is insanely sandy/dusty during dry spells where I live, to the point of causing both myself and, more importantly, my mare to cough from allergies. I really do want to move somewhere else where we won't have this problem, but I simply can not right now due to college.

Please note that I keep her up-to-date on sandclear...

Someone recommended that I feed her a teaspoon of ginger with her dinner every night, of which I have been doing the past couple of weeks, and it has worked wonders so far! I have been told that ginger is excellent for clearing out that dust. However, from what research I have done, it seems as though ginger is thought to cause ulcers? Is this true? If so, what is another natural remedy that I should try? Or, maybe even a mixture of different herbs?

I also am seriously interested in a...nebulizer?...and would love to hear about those.

This mare is my everything, I want to do what I can to help. The coughing is not a 24/7 thing, it is worse on windy/dusty days, and is most notable at a lope. There is no snot or goopy eyes, she's been seen by a vet and is in good's just those blasted allergies. Can they develop into heaves??

Thank you very much, feel free to ask any questions if it helps. 馃槉
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I used this company near Memphis, TN for several years.

Equine Science herbs4horses

I bought several of their products for different horses. Their products are pure, the company is ethical, helpful and always shipped that day, if I called early enough. The products are expensive but the right ones for the right problem did work on my horses:)

I stopped using them after my two elders passed, and another horse was was diagnosed insulin resistant. The vet put the IR horse on a different herbal product that did work to bring the insulin numbers down.
I don't mess around trying to figure out ingredients and the amounts --- that can get dangerous if one isn't sure of what they are doing:)

My horse with environmental allergies was on their Allergy Herbal Blend seasonally for quite a few years. I love that stuff but I stopped using it; the reasons are complex but it did work very well on my horse:)
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