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Natural Horsemanship??

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I don't really know very much about natural horsemanship other that it's riding without tack.... correct? But I do think it looks amazing when you see a horse and rider so in touch so I was wondering if someone could tell me more about natural horsemanship and what it's all about.
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My most simple explanation of natural horsemanship is when you give you horse freedom to make their own decision but then show them that every decision will either one, have a correction/consequence or two, will have a response of you leaving them alone(the reward).

It's not about anything to do with tack it's about building a relationship with your horse through an understanding of horse psychology (which is very simplistic). When you see people riding bareback with no headgear they are just showcasing where you can go with natural horsemanship. but believe me there was months if not years of preparation to get to that point. It's not like the movie Flicka where she trains the mustang with an apple and virtually no tack haha.
Darlin', you weren't there, don't know the woman or the horse. Please don't make such assumptions. It had everything to do with the method.
There is no way that a method caused a horse to run through 3 fences. Just sounds like a horse that was really determined to get somewhere to me.

But actually my methods teach horses to understand boundaries, this includes a fence as a boundary. So whatever method was used it sounds like it didn't establish boundaries strong enough.

And please don't take any comment of mine as a slight on your friend.
I don't disagree that the term "natural" can be misleading. I use the term "horse psycology" a lot because I believe thats what the natural is meant to stand for, it's just that that two words don't mean anywhere near the same thing.

Hey Silverspear, I have seen the "free lunge" thing done as well. Though they don't actually use their tails as carrot sticks, you may not believe this but I made that bit up.LOL

I think that on some levels the term natural horsemanship can be dangerous. This is just my opinion OK. It seems though that packaged natural horsemanship attracts beginners and unconfident, inexperienced horse people. For all the right reasons. People want to be better with their horses and gain more knowledge in a way that is kind to their horses and I applaud that. But it is easy to be lead down the path of horse righteousness, "I do "natural horsemanship" everything I do TO my horse is right and good." WRONG! NOTHING we do with horses is natural.

I think that sometimes the way natural horsemanship is practiced is just as brutal and unyeilding as the old cowboy way of rope'em and ride'em. Horses made to dance around and around endlessly, back and forth so on and so on by people who don't understand what they are trying to achieve. I don't really approve of the term 'natural horsemanship', there are many types of horsemen, good, bad and inexperienced and not one thing that any of us do with/to our horses is natural. I would love to see the end of the term "natural horsemanship" because it can be a mask for some very unnatural behaviour.
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