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Natural Horsemanship??

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I don't really know very much about natural horsemanship other that it's riding without tack.... correct? But I do think it looks amazing when you see a horse and rider so in touch so I was wondering if someone could tell me more about natural horsemanship and what it's all about.
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NH is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with tack or anything. It is how you interact with your horse. How your horse interacts with you. It is teaching them with out cowboying up on them.

There is no one way to do NH. It has been around as long as horses have been around. It is just now there are certain people who have commercialized it.
The thing is that NH is not a "SECRET" Especially not a Parrelli secret. THIS is the problem I have with Parrelli and most other NH type trainers. Good horsemanship is NOT a secret. It is just that good horsemanship and you do not need to by Parrellis DVDs or all this high prices toys.
See, all the things that you don't "like" about Parelli people (they don't advance, they don't ride, they seem all love and no leadership, etc) IS NOT certainly doesn't apply to me, and I'm a dedicated student to the program.
Thing is that for every one person like you there are 10 that are not that are what people are describing. I have dealt with so many of them and even worse their horses. To the point I will not even look at a horse for sale the second Parelli is mentioned and I will not let a horse trained that way on my property. They can call the vet to AI their horse. B/C I will not be doing the work
Do not confuse NH with Parrelli. They are 2 different things in many ways. The people who seem to be PP hard core followers seem to have this mind set that everything you do is passive and you should never force a horse to do anything. INCLUDE MIND. If they are willing they will do what you ask. If you are nice they will do what you ask. If you talk to them in their language they will do as you ask. Bits spurs saddles are all evil. Shoes on horses are evil. If it is not natural it is evil. If you play all the games your horse will be perfect. You will have this magical black stallion moment and you and your horse will love happily every after. Now yet I am going a bit over board however this is the mind set of so many PP followers.

When in reality their horses are pushy and dangerous. They buck their riders off and run off. As the riders are riding bareback when they can barely ride. I see is so many times. Especially when I ride in the state park here locally. I have chased down many horses who have no tack b/c their riders/owners are PP cool aid drinkers and now the human is walking and their horse is loose.

I have had mares here for breeding who where uncontrollable b/c their owners seem to think punishment is bad. I just stopped taking then in. Not worth it and I do not need the work.

Where NH is just working with the horse on his level. Which means you are the heard leader and if that means kicking the horse in the gonads so be it. It only takes once if you do it right.
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The only common ground you have with a horse is the fact that you feed them and you are the leader. It is when the leadership becomes muddled that you start having problems. As long as your leadership of the horse is strong and fair. IE do not pick on the horse but make it known that YOU are the boss then everything will work well.
Um, the Parelli people are the 'I watched a taped and thought I would try some stuff' crowd.

What people need to do is get involved with a good hands on trainer.

You can be the boss and have a relationship with your horse. But these fluffy NH types don't see that and that's where the problems come in.
Yep what she said.

I have a great relationship with all my horses. However when it comes down to it. I AM THE BOSS. They WILL do what I say when I say. That why they have very set guidelines which horses desire and no one gets hurt. There is no well this was the way it was last time but then the time before that it was this so what will it be today?? Non of that. The rules today are the same as they where yesterday. The min they cross that line the know it. Makes life so much easier.
I think a bond is built much stronger and faster when you overcome an obstacle or accomplish something. I doesn't matter what but if you want your horse to bond with you then get some sweat dripping off his nose and teach him what you want him to do and not only will you get a horse that meets you at the gate but on that you can be proud of outside the paddock or barn. If you sit in the pasture "hanging out" and feeding them treats and petting them constantly you are more likely to loose the horses respect and create a problem.

I agree with this 100% I have seen it with all my horses. The bond is much strong with the ones I ride and show then it is with the broodmares who just get brushed and turned out and normal care and treatment. Even my show horses who are now retired to the breeding shed prefer to work over just hanging out.
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