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I am wondering if anyone has any tricks for dealing with a navicular horse. My 9 year old QH gelding was diagnosed with it when he was 5 or 6 years old, in the right front foot, after he started bucking under saddle. About a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with it in the left front as well. Since then I have tried all I can afford to keep him sound and comfortable. We tried a few different shoeing combinations and they worked and I was able to start riding again but only for a couple weeks before he was unsound again. He was on Equiox as well for a couple months along with the shoes. Right now he is Barefoot and seems to be doing ok. My goal at this point would be to just trail ride him since thats what he loves to do. Does anyone have any more ideas of what could help? Supplements, diet, etc. Im afraid he is going to be similar to a horse my mom and I rescued years ago that ended up having such bad navicular that he had to be put down a few years after we found him a new home.

When you say "navicular" I am assuming you mean that he already has bony changes to the navicular bone via x-rays?

As another poster said, Osphos is an option but do be wary on using it on a horse so young (as it affects their bones for a lifetime).

You could consider ProStride, or PRP, or IRAP injections to help with the inflammation, as the soft tissues structures are affected in addition to bony structures.

Correct trimming (whether barefoot or shod) is SO very important.
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