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NCAA Equestrian teams in college?

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I am extremely interested in making a NCAA team, but i'm not sure if i am good enough.
The main school i am looking into going to is Texas A&M, which makes me even more nervous as it is one of the topped ranked schools. I would be applying out of state.
Academic information:
SAT 1770
ACT Composite 29
Volunteer hours(over 200 at a theraputic riding center)
Helped organize school activities(yellow ribbon week, help our troops, food drive)

Horse info:
5 years of solid lessons
I have had a horse on feed lease for 2 years, and one year remaining
I jump 3'6 on my horse, and 2'9 or 3' on the others i ride
i help my trainer ride a lot of the extra horses almost every day (2 or 3 along with mine)
I normally place top 3 in equitation (flat and 3')
I have recieved several year end awards(14-17 equitation, childrens hunters)
I can handle most bolts and spooks fine, bucks still unseat me too easilly
Last year i showed a lot, but we have been restrained because of financial reasons reciently
I am a barn rat and know a lot about basic vet care
I am head of the working student program at my barn

I want to make it on a team so bad it makes my stomach hurt.
If anyone can give me advice on anything or tell me what i can work on i would love it!
And do you guys think i have a chance at making an NCAA team? Texas A&M?
Thank you!
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All you can do is try out and see what happens :)

For practice, ride a bunch of different horses - as many as you can. You'll try out on a horse you don't know, so get as much experience with different horses as you possibly can prior to your try out.

Just ride your best, and hope for the best. There are plenty of NCAA teams out there, Texas A & M will be tough with a lot of competition - but all you can do is hope for the best and try your hardest.

One last bit of advice - meet the coach and team before you decide to pick a school soley based on what you have heard about the equestrian team or your odds of making it NCAA.

I spent several years on an IHSA team I hated (coach was pretty horrid) at a school I had picked because it was nearby and had an IHSA team. Lesson learned.
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