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I wanted to let all you Arabian horse People out there know that I make and sell Arabian Presentation Halters and Sets.
If your looking to buy a good quality made Presentation halter and or Halter set and you dont want to spend ALL that money for one. Well I make them at a good reasonable price!
Look no further!!
My sets are made strong enough to hold a stallion, mare , gelding or foal! There very classy looking and I can make three different types.
All very good quality!
Here are some photos of two of my halters I have made recently! I can make any colors you want! Just let me know!
I accept Checks or Money orders ONLY PLEASE!!!!!

Sizes come in:
Two Year old

Sizes very with Breast Collars
So you will measure from the tip of your horses withers all the way around the widest part of the neck.

Prices are:
$90-$120 for Sets Depending on what you want
$30-$50 for Halters depending on what you want

SE Black Three year old Stallion

14 year old Egyptian Related mare

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