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Need Costume Ideas for my Freestyle :)

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So I'm gonna try and take a freestyle routine on the summer circuit this year. I was planning on doing it to either "Shut up and drive" by Rihanna or "Right round" by Flo Rida (Just 'cause the spinning is too good to pass up, ^^)

So, I need costume ideas. I was thinking dressing Jester up as some sort of nascar-theme if I did Shut up and drive. But it's a little bit more difficult for the other one.

Help! I'm having a complete block on what I should do. I hav eno bloody idea what I could do for Right Round, or where I would even begin to start for Shut up and drive, even though I have a theme.
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You can get some gold hoof polish at Big R :)
You could attach the money and bling him out with the gold polish and with a hat with sequence :) There is also glitter spray that you can put on his mane and tail.
Were is the freestyle being held at? I want to come watch you since you live around where I do.
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