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My trainer/good friend went out this morning to find one of her younger horses, an 8 year old BS Paint, dead in the field. This was one of her husband's favorite horses and they're just devastated. I have a great picture of her husband riding him this summer through a water crossing and there is a good patch of blue sky for a nice phrase or small poem to fit. I want to make it for him for his birthday which is a few weeks away. Do you guys have any that come to mind that are either really good for remembering a horse, or really inspirational?

They think that he must have coliced. A couple days ago they found that he had rolled out of his blanket, but everything else was fine. He showed no signs of being in distress at all. Last night he was standing at the gate at dinner time just like always, but this morning he wasn't there, and his pasture mate wouldn't leave a certain spot in the field. When the walked out there, they found him dead. :-( This is a lesson barn and there are so many people that are going to be saddened by this. He was the horse on the way to the arena so EVERYONE stopped to pet him. He had all sorts of quirks and habits that annoyed you and made you laugh at the same of his favorite was trying to bite the halter as you put it on him. He would follow you around his stall when you cleaned and poke you in the back while you were dumping so you almost always spilled your pile of poop at least once. For some reason, the men out there all loved this horse.

If you have a good saying, short poem, or inspirational phrase, I would love to hear them. I will be having this blown up and framed so it can hang in the barn.

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A good horse who never backed an ear, and always gave all their heart, I'll be looking for you over The Rainbow Bridge.

Time has taken you away from me,
You've gone to the other side,
Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge,
And we'll take another ride.

HORSE'S NAME HERE then underneath
Honest, kind, and always willing.
The best horse a man could have.
RIP, you will never be forgotten,
And you will always be missed.

I just made those up of top of my head, but will think more.

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I wrote this two years ago for my dog, and I'll just change 'paw prints' to 'hoof prints' and it suits a horse...but it's probably too long. for what you want.

A Billion Atoms
By Leanne H. Owens

I don’t know if there’s a heaven,
I doubt the promised land,
I don’t know if we’ll meet again,
Although that would be grand.

I have no proof of afterlife,
No guarantee from god,
No evidence we rise again
From ash or dust or sod.

I have not seen your shadow
Or felt you touch my hand,
You haven’t entered in my dreams
Or left hoofprints in the sand.

I fear you’re gone forever -
Death hasn’t been a door,
And all I ever loved of you.
With death is just no more

And yet we’re still connected,
And here I find my peace
For in every breath I’ll ever take
Of you there’ll be a piece.

A billion atoms in every breath,
From here until I die,
Will have also been a part of you
And so I will not cry.

A billion atoms in every breath
Once belonged to you,
So, every single time I breathe
I breathe your life in, too.

A billion atoms in every breath
Is what I know is true,
And so, until the end of life
I’ll have that part of you.

And I don’t know if there’s a heaven
But atomically you're still here,
A billion atoms in every breath
Means you’ll never disappear.

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Your time with us was short on Earth but with love time is never enough.

My great friend and companion please wait for me when soon we'll meet in the Summerland where we can ride again for all eternity.

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