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Horse Club! :D at our (my friend and I) high school.
We want to bring together all the equestrians and horse lovers together from our school and..we really dont know what to do :lol:

We thought of:
-having members discover some trainer, horse fact, etc and tell the rest of the members about it
-Have horse related quizzes (origins of riding, colors,etc) and maybe give away hoof picks/brushes to the highest scores
-Umm have fundraisers (any ideas for fundraisers?) to sponsor a rescue horse
-Have once-a-month trail rides together at different locations,barns,etc

So if you have any other ideas Id love to hear them :)
As always, thanks and ride on :)

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more ideas:
- get together and do something with your horse each time you go out. One day could be all groundwork - everyone shares their ways and techniques. Another day could be the basics of riding. Then just riding and having fun. riding on trails, etc.
- have quizzes every now and then - have someone else make a different quiz each time - parts of the horse, showing, caring, fun things to do, what you do with your horse, etc.
- have a few days where you get together and plane the next week or two. Make and print schedules for what you planned on.

Fundraisers: it doesn't always have to be completely about horses - even some everyday stuff for extra cash is always good.
- car wash,
- selling cookies (you could make the cookies horse-shaped and hoofpicks, etc.),
- at your towns quilt show/fair/party thing you could bring a few horses and a few people can be in charge of pony/horse rides, another in charge of money, and another in charge of helping the kids get ready for the horse or telling the kid the basic cues and commands.

Some small things - like a car wash - are better if they are donations. My 4-H club did a donation car wash and we got over 400 dollars. If we put a price for a car wash I don't think people would be so willing.
And if people ask what it is for, just say it's for your high school horse club, you are earning money to go places and do things with your horse, etc.

A few years ago when I was in 4-H (at least 7 years ago) we used to bring all our horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. and bring them to the seniors center so the elders could pet the animals and learn more about you and your animal - old people love that stuff, especially if they are grandma's!! hehe

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Thanks for that! Ill definitley use those ideas :) @amberly
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You could put on a fun day if you have access as an arena. You could charge for the events and make it a fundraiser or just let people participate for free and take donations. Make some events for people with a horse and some for people without horses.
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