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What you see is what you get to mold mentally into the horse you desire.

The physical stuff...well, she is what she is and she should be exhibiting some traits of handiness in what you want.
Her lineage, should also give clue to what she as a offspring of did/do when ridden, so she should have some exposure to that when others are ridden by the same people.
At 2 1/2 she should be more than just halter broke , not weight carrying but she can have a lot of ground work well underway and can be ponied to give her exposure to more of the world she will live in when trained.

As for you being the one to train....
You are not a newbie to horses and know what training you like on a animal and what you not like...most bundle this to horse manners.
With over-seen by a true trainer, not someone who rides decent, but trainers teach the little things us riders enjoy having our horses do but need taught, we just not realize that step is in the mix....there is a difference.
Sometimes taking a young horse with minimal handling and trusting a trainer to start the educational process is the way to go...sometimes doing it ourselves is better and then going to that specially selected someone to put first rides and instruction astride makes sense..
It is often the animal and how they respond to their education that decides you to being first to swing astride or let another.
It is often not the first ride that is the interesting one, but many times I saw it was the third through sixth that made my back ache as the observer...till you have many in succession astrides game is on for broncing...

Just some of what I have observed working with young horses but not training them.... I am no trainer, period!
For me, molding the innocent mind is where it starts. A good mind is what you not want to waste or allow screw-up on.
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