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And yes, I did notice their ribs were showing, and have increased their feed. The stud colt has improved since this picture was taken, his coat is beautiful and shiny. The pictures were taken about a week after I got them.

I will get a few of him today and post them.

The filly on the other hand has not improved at all. She still has alot of baby hair so her coat hasnt been shiny, she is in an ugly stage with so much hair. She has lost the baby hair on her legs, and is revealving her dark front leg, and has also lost the hair on her neck and shoulders and part of her rump. But as for the rest of her, the top part of her body like her sides and her back and rump have not lost alot of hair. She gets groomed almost daily and its helping, but now she might have ringworm, so that is one reason the vet is coming out. He will be here this afternoon. He is also going to examine them both and just check them out to see if there is anymore improvement needed.

I promise im not neglecting them, they are both taken care of like they are my kids, and i hate seeing the filly in this condition. It makes me feel like a bad mom, but i have done everything in my power to improve her condition, and as a last chance to improve her, the vet is coming.
I knew she wasnt feeling well about a week ago, and figured maybe she had a cold, but didnt noticed any nasal discharge, so passed it off as a bad day. But every day since then, she just walks around their pen and the barn almost like shes moping. They share a bucket when they get feed, and she doesnt even fight for her feed anymore, so i gave them separate buckets, and she will eat about half of her grain and walk away.

It is all a concern for a vet check, hence why i called. I will post after he comes.
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