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New Bridle + reins! Lotsa Pictures! :D

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As many of you know.. Im getting a horse!!! :D yayyy!
So, yesterday I bought a bridle/reins for her :) And, I absolutely love it, what do you think!?
The mare I am getting is a red dun with flaxen in her mane + tail, 15.1hh :D qh mare

HEHHEHE Sorry for the overload.. I am just so excited, and its the first bridle I have ever boughten! :D

There will be prettier pictures, when I have my mare, i will take pics of the bridle on her :)
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Very pretty, hehe I have been following your other threads ;) I LOVE your mare and by the sounds of it our horses are very similar (not looks but personality and versatility) very nice, good luck. The bridle looks like the type that will last a longgggg time but will never lose its good looks!!
hehe thank you! You must have an amazing horse then!! ;) I sure hope it lasts a long time, i dont wanna pay more money on another one haha
Beautiful bridle! I've always been partial to Western tack, even though I ride English! I'm jealous! lol
Cowperson Tack

I have a few pieces by Cowperson Tack that I got from Kelly was very helpful in helping me make my headstall custom. I have a Friesian that needed some longer wider parts since her head is so big and Kelly was there to help every step of the way.

Cowperson makes a wonderful, quality, classy product. From what I have heard they are a nice family owned business. They really seem to take the time to make it right and they stand behind thier work. I wouldn't trust my ride with any other brand. They are well worth the $$$. Last I checked Trinity Tack had a layaway program FREE shipping.:D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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