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Hi all,

I started riding lessons in the fall of 2015 for the express purpose of taking part in an intermediate trail ride in Iceland in the June of 2016. (Anyone else been at Íshestar?) Big mistake...because now I'm hooked. I took a year and a half of lessons at a jumping stable, but after I got the basic flatwork and a bit of jumping, I switched to a place that focuses on trail and field lessons. The woman who runs the place likes horses "with a lot on engine", so cantering windy narrow forest trails, jumping logs, or galloping across fields soon became par for the course, and SO much more fun (for the horse and me) than arena work.

I am riding a horse that's a rescue and who has trust and fear issues. For that reason, I am the only one (apart from the owner) who gets to ride him – we've put in the work to build trust, so now we understand and like of each other. While he's not really "my" horse, he's my horse for practical intents and purposes.

I have no ambition for competitions, I do have ambition to be able to ride a spectrum of horses. My dream horse would be a sane, uninjured, retired competition horse, one that's still game for having a good time but is of little value to ribbon hunters with deep pockets.

As for my dealing-with-horseys philosophy, I'm somewhere between Clinton Anderson (for feisty horses) and Buck Brannaman (for the more sensitive ones).
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