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Hello :)

My name is Emily. I'm new to the forum (obviously), and am incredibly bad at introducing myself! So, I suppose off with the basics, yeah?

I'm twenty years old; soon to be twenty-one (go me!). I have a son named Aiden, born March 28th, 2007. He's a sweetie. I'm engaged to William, Will for short. Never Billy, but sometimes Billiam. I have 3 dogs, Watson & Sherlock (both black Miniature Schnauzers) and Hunter (a Labrador/Golden mix). I also have two Fancy Goldfish, Max & Bender.

I do not, and have never, owned a horse. So, you may ask, why I am here?

I have been riding since I was young - from begging to ride the ponies at Cattle Congress (a fair of sorts), to summer-long trips to my Godmother's home/farm in South Dakota, to working at literally EVERY stable in area. I am still taking lessons, and have now up-graded to grooming and working the horses at my favorite barn. I have also been battling with this decision for the past two years..... Do I get a horse? I have a prospect, but You'll learn about the fabulous Mr. Sonny soon!

Now, why do I ride? Because I love horses, of course! It's more than just the freedom we all feel while on the back of a horse. More than just the smell of the barn. I have depression. An incurable, unbearable, heart-wrenching pain that doesn't seem to go away unless I'm at the barn. Since I was little, horses have been my support system, my rock, and my life - and I really do owe them my life. While this may seem like a poor attempt for sympathy, I promise it's not. I just need someone to know that I am truly in love with horses :)

So, I know. The one thing you want to know about is the horse, right? Hehe. Sonny is a stubborn, bull-headed, jerk of a horse whose breed is questionable, and whose love can, for the most part, only be earn by carrots (we're working on that!). I was told that he is mostly/all Appaloosa, but we'll see better when he sheds out for the summer, I suppose. He's 11 years old, and flea-bitten grey in color. He has one blue and one brown/grey eye. I am irrevocably in love with him. Our favorite pastime is me sitting in the middle of the arena watching him, and him walking around until he decides he needs attention. He is sweet, attentive and charismatic! I've been working with him for a few weeks. He has been at the barn since October 2010, and his owners have not been out to see him once. They want to sell him/give him away, but want to make sure he goes to a good home. So, since the horse market isn't great, and they're not advertising him for sale... We're taking our time and getting to know each other! Here's what I've learned needs work so far, and where your help would come in handy:

He hates (almost refuses) to pick up his feet.
Will pick up his feet (kind of) for carrots, but then becomes pushy.
Is terrified of spray bottles/plastic bags/anything that resembles the latter.
Doesn't lunge well.
Rushes me while walking.
Needs arena work.
Won't stand for mounting.
Won't keep a trot unless I'm posting.
Had tried (unsuccessfully) to buck me off because I made him trot.

Now, before you tell me to run away; he HAS gotten better, and I've only been able to work with him once a week for a few weeks. Most, if not all of this can be explained by the fact that his owners admitted to only riding him at a walk around their home, and letting him push them around and do whatever he wanted to. So with some consistent rules and a consistent rider, I'm hope things will work out. I would just love some tips anyone would have!

If anyone has any questions or comments please ask :D I may be slow to answer because I work a lot, but I will answer, and will very much enjoy the conversation! If you got through this whole thing, thank you for taking the time :)

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. I don't have any training tips for you, but a large number of other people on the forum do. So don't be shy to ask if you have question.
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